One of the good resolutions I had for 2021 was: Massi, you have to read some classic literature every now and then!

I started with a book that did not frighten me for the number of its pages and intrigued me by the title: Thomas Mann’s “Death in Venice”.

A few nights ago I finished it. It left me something indefinite there in my thoughts, as if I had not yet metabolized it 100%. An immediate reaction, however, generated it, I thought I’d go and see what I had done in 2019, the last time I saw Venice.

I was in town for a two-day workshop on street photography, and I took advantage of the night to wander around on my own absolutely aimlessly, for a couple of hours after dinner, not knowing the city at all.

It is probably one of the most photographed cities in the world and you can find great shots everywhere.

Photography, however, as I see it, is not an aesthetic competition to be won, but a notebook to fill with your notes and reflections.

Here are some notes from that night.