January 15th 2021

Sarah and Michele,

they have met far away from the mountains of Trentino, but under the hot African sun during a volunteer mission. Africa remained in their hearts and therefore could not miss their wedding either, represented by many friends with whom they shared the adventure, colorful tablecloths and ebony statuettes.

Photography has an essential technical basis, then it comes from a sum of many very personal factors. I refer, for example, to experiences, trips made, books read, images or films I have seen and often also directly to the world of art. For this work, after the first meeting with the couple, two light bulbs immediately turned on at the same time and I tried to make them light up together.

I don’t remember where, but I had read that men, when they design a mask for themselves, often try to represent themselves for who they really are. In addition to this the idea of ​​a mask and Africa immediately made me think of one of my favorite artists: Picasso! The Spanish artist was struck by the strength of African masks, and after studying and painting them he tried to overcome their two-dimensional vision with his cubist world. From these two thoughts, I proposed to future spouses for the engagement service, in addition to the more “classic” couple shots, to do something physical between them, that is to draw each a mask in the most instinctive way possible and color it. It was a way to make them feel as comfortable as possible and try to capture aspects that characterize them in their ways of doing.

I have chosen to publish a small excerpt from the engagement and marriage work to help you understand how I like to work.

Spoiler: The key photo of everything is the last one!